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Currently reading: “Angela Carter’s Book of Fairy Tales”

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Art by siminiblocker

Hell yes to this.

what i find weird is why is this a ‘confession.’ it’s canon.

Unfortunately, the fandom needs reminding sometimes.  :/




Art by siminiblocker

Hell yes to this.

what i find weird is why is this a ‘confession.’ it’s canon.

Unfortunately, the fandom needs reminding sometimes.  :/

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“I don’t see that her being cyborg is relevant.”

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Yeah, but AG doesn't stay pretentious and he changes a lot as his cancer comes back. So it's a bit short sighted and dickish to just write him off as pretentious. That's a complete misunderstanding of the story and I don't see how you or ANYONE else can defend that.




I wasn’t writing him off as such, and nowhere in any of my posts did I say “he is pretentious and that is it.”

I think a lot of you being critical of uncommon or unpopular readings of TFiOS are severely missing the whole point of readership: IT VARIES GREATLY. You have every right to disagree, but do not cross over into the boundary of telling someone that they cannot read someone a certain way.

Do you really think millions of readers of the same text will all read it the same way? Sure, a majority will likely comprehend the story and some intended meanings - but will they read all the gaps and nuances exactly the same? Certainly not. I think wanting that - a uniform readership of a text - is impossible, and way too 1984 for my liking…

Also, with authorial intent: pointing it out does not prove one reading more correct than others. If an author intended it and you read it as such, that’s great. But if someone else saw the intent and took it a different way, are they less wrong? I’d argue no - in fact, that reader is almost never “wrong.” Authorial intent is not a defense of a reading so much as it is stating an element of the text. Gus’s pretentious demeanor is going to mean different things to different readers, even if they like the story or understand bigger themes of it. That doesn’t mean one reading of it is more correct than the other.

Hell, super-Canon authors (see: Shakespeare) have been re-imagined so many fucking times over the centuries that it is likely a consensus, canon reading of one of his plays or sonnets is not really relevant or applicable today. And you know what? That’s fine. A flat text does not survive for centuries. If anything, be glad people read it differently than you do - you can talk about it! You might actually learn something from their perspective, and they might learn something from yours.

you handle this so well, 5 stars to you 

That was amazing! Congratulations sir. 

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Let’s talk about how strong and intelligent Beth Greene really is, and why she’s the new motherfucking Sheriff in town. ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

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does the walker choose the pathor the path the walker


does the walker choose the path
or the path the walker

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A handful of kindness, the sparrow had said, and now we each had two. (Rosamund Hodge, Cruel Beauty)

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The blood on my lips || Songs for weary queens and wounded souls [listen]

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